Size of Ball: 27.5”

Height of Basket: 9’

Distance of 3 point Arc: N/A

Distance of Free Throw Line: 14’


Game Length: 4 periods, 8-minute length running clock. Stop clock final 2 minutes of each half

Over Time (OT) Length: 4 minute running clock period until game decided

Time Between Periods: 1 minute between quarters, 5 minute between half, 1 minute between OT period(s)


  • Free Throw 1 point
  • All Field Goals: 2 points (no 3 point field goals)
  • When leading team has a 20 point lead score is only kept in the book and not reflected on the scoreboard


  • 2x 60 second timeouts per half
  • 1x 60 second timeout per OT
  • May only be called by the coach

Game Possession: Jump ball to start the game. Possession starts at throw-in at baseline

Game Tactics

Playing Time: Equal playing time for all players

Defense:  Player-to-player defense only. Help Defense is allowed within the 3 pt line. No zone allowed.Double teaming is allowed in the key/paint only

Pressing Defense: Player to Player defense throughout the contest. No back court defense

Double-Team/Crowding: Double-team/crowding is only allowed within the key/paint

Stealing From the Dribbler: Only within 3 pt line

Game Play Rules

Backcourt Timeline: 10 seconds

Shot Clock: Not applicable

5 Seconds Closely Guarded: Only when offensive the player is stationary

Clock Stoppage: During timeout and in last 2 minutes of each half

Length of Time for a Free-Throw: 10 seconds

Number of Players Permitted during Free Throw:

  • Offense may have 3 players on the lane, including the shooter on Free-Throw Lane
  • Defense may have 3 players on the lane
  •  Remaining players will be behind the 3-point arc
  •  Players in lane may not cross lane until shooter has released ball
  • Shooter and players behind 3-point arc may not cross the line until ball hits the rim

Substitutions: Either team may substitute when there is a dead ball and/or timeout. 


  • Player will foul out when they receive their 6th foul
  • Team(s) will be in a 1 and 1 situation once 7 teams fouls have been reached for the half
  • Team(s) will shoot 2 free throws once 10 team fouls have been reached for the half


Player-to-Player Defense:

  • Each player is responsible for guarding and moving with one offensive player. This requires the defensive player to move according to the offensive player’s movements with or without the ball.
  • The defensive player must stay on the same side of the court as the offensive player, divided by the rim line.
  • If an offensive player with the ball advances past their defensive player, another defender may rotate to guard that offensive player – switching is allowed.

Pressing Defense: Defensive guarding, either on or off the ball, within the backcourt.

Double-Team/Crowding: Two or more defensive players guarding a single offensive player.

Help-side Defense: A defense in which a defensive player who is two passes away from the ball adjusts his defense to help another teammate defend the ball handler. Defender must be within 6' of the player they are guarding and is not allowed in the paint/key while playing helpside defense unless the ball handler has entered the paint/key

Paint/Key: The key is an area on the basketball court where the majority of the action takes place during a basketball game, which includes the free throw lane and free throw circle. This area is usually painted a different color than the rest of the court, therefore it can also be referred to as “the paint”