Size of Ball: 29.5”

Height of Basket: 10’

Distance of 3 point Arc: 19’9”

Distance of Free Throw Line: 15’


Game Length: 4 periods, 8-minute length

Over Time (OT) Length: 4 minute period until game decided

Time Between Periods: 1 minute, 1 minute between OT period(s)


  • Free Throw 1 point
  • Field Goals: 2 points
  • Field goals behind 3-point arc: 3 points


  • 2x 60 second timeouts in first half
  • 3x 60 second timeouts in second half (max 2 timeouts in final 2 minutes of game)
  • 1x 60 second timeout per OT.

Start of Game Possession: Jump Ball

Game Tactics

Playing Time: Coach’s discretion

Set Defense: All allowed throughout the competition at coaches discretion

Pressing Defense: Pressing allowed throughout the competition. Leading team may not extend the defense over half court when leading by 25 points or more

Double-Team/Crowding: Allowed throughout the competition at coaches discretion

Stealing From the Dribbler: Coaches discretion throughout the competition

Game Play Rules

Backcourt Timeline: 10 seconds

Shot Clock: 30 seconds. Full shot clock reset on rebounds and fouls

5 Seconds Closely Guarded: Only when offensive the player is holding the basketball

Clock Stoppage: On any dead ball

Length of Time for a Free-Throw: 8 seconds

Number of Players Permitted during Free Throw: Offense may have 3 players on the lane, including the shooter on Free-Throw Lane

Defense may have 3 players on the lane
Remaining players will be behind the 3-point arc

Players in lane may not cross lane until shooter has released ball

Shooter and players behind 3-point arc may not cross the line until ball hits the rim


  • Either team may substitute when the clock is stopped
  • Either team may substitute before the first free throw attempt or after the last free throw if made
  • A non-scoring team may substitute after any field goal scored in the last 2 minutes of the 4th period and each extra period.
  • If the non-scoring team substitutes the score team may also substitute.

Advancement of ball after a timeout: In the last 2 minutes of the 4th period and each extra period following after a Timeout a timeout, the ball will be inbounded from the offensive team’s frontcourt opposite the scorer’s table


Player-to-Player Defense (Man to Man):

  • Each player is responsible for guarding and moving with one offensive player. This requires the defensive player to move according to the offensive player’s movements with or without the ball.
  • The defensive player must stay on the same side of the court as the offensive player, divided by the rim line.
  • If an offensive player with the ball advances past their defensive player, another defender may rotate to guard that offensive player – switching is allowed.

Pressing Defense: Defensive guarding, either on or off the ball, within the backcourt.

Double-Team/Crowding: Two or more defensive players guarding a single offensive player.